No automaker is immune to the global environmental pressure to reduce pollutants and limit carbon dioxide emissions. Even Porsche has gotten into the green game with both diesel and hybrid options for its current Cayenne – along with an expected hybrid for its Panamara range. Could that fuel-saving technology make a move closer to Porsche's sportscar roots? If so, would the battery pack go under the front hood or a rear-engined car?

According to a series of spy photos from our friends at, the answer to those questions may be yes and yes. Although there aren't any logos on the car – save for the well-placed Batman stickers (are we looking at the next Tumbler? Nah) – the profile undoubtedly screams 911 while the details leave us scratching our heads. What's with the oddly shaped bulge (complete with what appears to be a lightning bolt graphic) on the hood or the fact that the photogs claim the car made virtually no noise as it sped away at high velocities?

For what it's worth, in addition to the hybrid Cayenne and Panamera programs, we also know that the German automaker is keenly interested in electric vehicles, including its iconic 911. In other words, these are spy shots that have our interest piqued even more than usual.

[Source: Next Autos]