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We seem to know nearly everything there is to know about the 2011 Chevrolet Volt. Well, everything but one of the most important pieces of its environmentally friendly puzzle, that is: How much will it cost? Predictions vary widely, with the $40,000 mark widely bandied about as a likely target – though whether or not that figure arrives before or after a federal $7,500 tax credit is complete speculation. For its part, General Motors has said it won't set final pricing until late 2010.

Throwing a wrench into the Volt-price-guessing works is none other than GM's own head of global program management, Jon Lauckner, who has reportedly told The Wall Street Journal that the extended-range electric vehicle could hit the market for well under that preconceived $40K level. Fortunately, "We have until this summer to figure that out," he said. Perhaps we can create ourselves a Price is Right-style contest?

The notion that GM may launch the Volt earlier than initially planned – possibly as early as this upcoming summer or fall, well before the expected launch in November – is also reportedly being discussed by GM's top brass. Regardless of when the first few units hit the market, don't expect to see a national launch outside of a few carefully selected regions until well into 2011. Thanks for the tip, Berto!

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