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Wheego Electric Cars, a U.S. manufacturer that's often overshadowed by the likes of Nissan, Chevrolet and others, will roll out its highway-capable electric car, the Wheego Whip LiFe, at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 18th. Wheego calls the LiFe "the nation's first affordable electric car" and for good reason. You see, the LiFe is priced at $32,995 – or, $25,495 after the feds throw in a $7,500 tax credit – which is nearly as cheap as the Leaf, but the LiFe should beat Nissan's battery-powered vehicle to market by at least a month. Provided that no further delays crop up.

Production of the Wheego LiFe is underway and some of the highway-capable EVs will be delivered to dealers by month's end. LiFe reservation holders are eagerly awaiting delivery, which is scheduled to start before the vehicle's on stage debut in LA. Hit the jump for more on the Wheego LiFe; a highway-capable EV from a U.S. manufacturer (made from 75 percent U.S. content – details here) that's ready to challenge some of the big boys in the automotive market.

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ATLANTA October 13, 2010; WHEEGO ELECTRIC CARS, a U.S. manufacturer of all-electric cars, today announced it will unveil the Wheego LiFe, the nation's first affordable electric car, to the public at the Los Angeles International Auto Show in November.

"Our highway-ready, full-speed electric car, the Wheego LiFe, is in production now and will be delivered to dealers and drivers in a few weeks," said Wheego President Jeff Boyd. "Our many LiFe reservation holders will receive their cars first." Visitors to the LA Auto Show will be among the first to see the LiFe in person, and we think they will be delighted and intrigued with the LiFe's spacious interior, standard equipment and overall design."

Wheego CEO Mike McQuary and President Jeff Boyd will present the new Wheego LiFe at a press conference, held November 18 during the Los Angeles Auto Show's media-only days (1:40 p.m., Booth # K-500). Consumers are invited to check out the Wheego LiFe and meet the Wheego team during the show's November 19-28 public days. Wheego will be featured in the show's new EV exhibit area in Kentia Hall.

The full-speed Wheego LiFe travels approximately 100 miles on a single charge and retails for $32,995. It qualifies for a $7,500 Federal tax credit, as well as many state tax incentives, including $5,000 in California. The Wheego LiFe comes fully-equipped with driver and passenger airbags, anti-lock brakes, air conditioning, and power windows and locks. The 115V lithium battery pack can be charged from a standard 120V outlet, a 240V outlet or any of the J1772 standard charging stations being installed in public locations throughout the United States. It is available in red, white, blue, black, silver, and green. The Wheego LiFe is a two-seat subcompact car with fit, finish and features designed for today's environmentally-conscious commuters.

About Wheego Electric Cars

Wheego Electric Cars is an innovation-driven and environmentally-conscious manufacturer of Electric Vehicles (EVs). Under the leadership of Mike McQuary, CEO and former MindSpring entrepreneur, Wheego Electric Cars has become a leader in the integration of advanced technology components. Wheego Electric Cars is one of the first EV companies to deliver affordable fully capable, street legal all-electric cars for everyday consumer use. The Wheego line of electric vehicles is emission-free, making them an ideal choice for consumers, fleets and businesses who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Wheego is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The cars are assembled in Ontario, California.

For more information about Wheego, visit the company website at www.wheego.net. To inquire about dealership opportunities, email Jeff Boyd at jboyd@wheego.net. To inquire about the Dealer Ride & Drive Event October 22-23 in Ontario, California, email Susan Nicholson at susan@wheego.net.