KOR EcoTec Urbee Concept
KOR EcoLogic Urbee Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

KOR EcoLogic brought a proof-of-concept for its Urbee three-wheeler to this year's SEMA Show. The company has partnered with Stratasys for unique 3D-printed body panels that are carved from high-density plastic that are supposed to increase the vehicle's longevity. While technically a three-wheeler, KOR EcoLogic says that the Urbee will meet all automotive crash standards.

With seven lead-acid batteries, an electric motor that sends power to the front wheels, a small range-extending gasoline engine and rear-wheel steering, the Urbee boasts the definition of an unconventional drivetrain. KOR EcoLogic says that the company will have a small fleet of testers out and about soon, with full production landing sometime around 2014.

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