Think City electric

By mid-2011, the electric Think City will launch in the U.S. with a price tag that's "just below $34,000 before incentives." That's what Michael Lock, the automaker's chief marketing officer told Plugin Cars back in November of 2010. However, that's not the same as what a Think spokesman reportedly told Green Car Advisor less than a day ago.

GCA says that the battery-powered Think City will carry an MSRP of $36,495 when it goes on sale in select U.S. markets towards the end of this summer. That price doesn't include any state or federal incentives, which could lower the plug-in vehicle's cost substantially. Still, at $36,495, the City is pricier than the $32,780 Nissan Leaf and Think's electric only offers seating for two. Demand for Think's only model is already softer than expected, leading to layoffs at partner Ener1.

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[Source: Green Car Advisor]