Lawless EV Racing Rocket launches at South Georgia Motorsports Park

Larry "Spiderman" McBride, aboard the Lawless EV Racing Rocket, has officially lowered the electric drag-racing limbo bar down to 7.246 seconds while reaching a speed of 185.46 miles per hour. That's only five mph short of the record-making run Chip Yates made on four times the real estate.

It was just a few weeks earlier that the team had launched the Rocket at the Manufacturer's Cup in Georgia, only to see that record-seeking trip fizzle a second after take off due to a component glitch. Immediately after that failure, the 400-lb battery was driven back to High Tech Systems lab in Denver for some software updates, the Zilla hairball (the controller interface) was returned to its maker for a rebuild and various other pieces were swapped out or modified.

The result? When Spiderman unleashed the bike's 1,610 electric ponies at Virginia Motorsports Park they were rewarded with a set of runs that pads their position atop the NEDRA (National Electric Drag Racing Association) standings and the motivation to be even quicker. Hit the jump for video of a pair of fast passes and if you'd like to hear read the detailed version of this story, check out this great post by Shawn Lawless on the NEDRA Yahoo group.

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[Source: Lawless EV Racing]