Exagon Motors Furtive e-GT on the track at Magny-Cours, France

While many announced electric sports cars get compared to the Tesla Roadster, very few even come close to its performance in terms of range and acceleration. The Furtive e-GT is one of those cars. Put together by race constructor Exagon Engineering, this bit of French sexiness claims acceleration that's slightly quicker to 60 miles an hour than the 3.7-second Tesla benchmark, while boasting a 50-kWh battery that falls just short of the Roadster's 53 kWh pack. A top speed of 155 mph meanwhile, should give the Furtive e-GT the ability to easily place the American machine in its rear-view mirror (both the Roadster and the Roadster Sport are electronically limited to 125 mph).

But enough of numbers. Seat-of-the-pants impressions are just as important, and Exagon recently gave French auto journalists the opportunity to put their derrières into the passenger-side bucket for trips around the Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours. With Nicolas Prost as their chauffeur, they got to experience the driving dynamics of a development prototype while listening to the sweet sound of the twin rear-mounted Siemens motors in full song.

While we can't translate their all their responses, we can say the general impressions of the 2+2 were quite positive. Hit the jump for a collection of video from the day with lots of on-track footage as well shots of the interior and drivetrain, and join us in a silent mouthing of "oh là là!"

[Source: CarScoop via Tesla Motors Club]