2012 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec

What's eight plus two? If you guessed ten, then you'd be right. As in, right on the mark in answering a related question: How many forward gears will Hyundai's next-generation automatic transmission feature?

Automotive News reports that Koren automaker Hyundai will skip past nine speeds and go straight for a double-digit ten-speed trans as soon as 2014. Word is Hyundai will initially equip only its Genesis and Equus sedans with the ten-speed unit to bump up the fuel economy rating of both vehicles, but the trickle-down effect most likely means we'll see the ten-speed slushbox in additional Hyundai models at some later date.

If this report pans out to be true, then Hyundai is truly taking the uncharted path in the world of multi-speed transmissions. Plenty of OEMs are working on or have eight-speeds out there, but ten?