At one time, Mitsubishi was close to axing the Evo XI completely, a move that would've crushed the dreams of automotive enthusiasts across the globe. Terminating the Evo was not in Mitsubishi's cards, but stringent emissions regulations were catching up on the hallowed all-wheel-drive, tarmac-terrorizing machine.

Dramatic action was required to keep the Evo alive and, for Mitsubishi's team of Japanese engineers, that meant outside-the-box thinking was a necessity. So, Mitsubishi engineers have dreamed up a solution: an Evo XI powered by clean-diesel hybrid technology.

And now, one of Mitsubishi's top execs have reportedly confirmed that, come 2014, the Evo XI will emerge as a diesel hybrid. Mitsubishi president Osamu Masuko reportedly confirmed to Autocar that the Evo XI will be an oil-burnin', electron-consumin' monster.

Furthermore, Autocar reports that the Evo XI will dash from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under than five seconds and that its CO2 emission will ring in below 200 grams per kilometer. Of course, a sophisticated four-wheel-drive system will come standard, as will, presumably the ability to leave Subaru WRX and STI owners in your dust – at least when they have to fill up.