2012 Mazda3 with SkyActiv

Mazda Motor says "real-world" fuel-efficiency will be one of its core attributes as the Japanese automaker seeks to lift U.S. sales volume some 74 percent by 2015. Don't worry though, 'cause zoom-zoom will remain Mazda's number one raison d'etre.

Step one? Be quick to point out that while some automakers boast 40 miles per gallon on the highway, that number is usually only achievable by using driving techniques that some might say border on hypermiling. That's not the case with the SkyActiv-equipped Mazda3, according to the Japanese automaker.

Next week, Mazda will launch the revamped Mazda3 in the U.S. With its arrival, the Japanese automaker says buyers of the 3 will get a compact vehicle that delivers unmatched "real world" fuel efficiency without even ditching the spare tire, as most rivals have done.

In typical Mazda zoom-zoom fashion, Robert Davis, senior vice-president of U.S. operations, stated of the Mazda3, "It's not acceptable to us to have 40 mpg and sacrifice performance."