There were only two marquee plug-in vehicles unveiled at the New York Auto Show this year, the Fisker Atlantic and the Infiniti LE (which stands for Luxury Electric, which the automaker says emphasizes that luxury comes first), and the Infinit's big calling card was that it doesn't need a plug. The Atlantic wasn't even on the show floor because Fisker wants to focus on selling the Karma – of which it brought three – and not make any hints or promises about when the Atlantic might go on sale.

Still, there was plenty of green to be seen, if you consider modest improvements in fuel economy – a stop-star system here, a vehicle that should come with a Mr. Fusion there (surprisingly, not the one that flies) – to fit that description. We do, because we know that fossil fuels aren't going away any time soon and so these are what green cars look like in 2012. With that, take one last look at the vehicles we saw for the first time this past week and wonder what's next.