And you thought the right-wing attacks on plug-in cars was going to fade away. Not if Rush Limbaugh has anything to do with it (and he does). On his radio show yesterday, Limbaugh complained for many minutes about the evils of EVs. "There's nothing wrong with oil, there's nothing wrong with gasoline," he said. "We don't need saving from gasoline"

His argument isn't exactly coherent – he claims that somehow having plug-in vehicles reduces our options – but they sure were delivered passionately. Calling out Mr. Chevrolet Volt himself, Limbaugh said:

Bob, Mr. Lutz, the problem is not me. The problem is that the pro-electric car crowd are the people making this political. ... The electric car is not about saving the planet. The electric car is not about cleaner energy. The electric car is not about cleaner air. The electric car is about taking away choices from the American people about what they want to drive. The electric car is about bigger government.

Where to start?

How about by letting Lutz do the work? Speaking at the Hudson Institute earlier this week, Lutz laid out his arguments about why the Volt and plug-in technology are good ideas, all of which regular readers have heard before. You can hear them in full in the embedded video down below (Limbaugh's comments are available, too), but the gist is: they work, they save gas and they will get cheaper.

There was one thing Lutz said that is not common knowledge, though, would put to rest any the idea that the Volt is the "Obamacar" if it were. Lutz said that when GM and the Obama administration met during the company's bankruptcy proceedings, the government's recommendation was to kill the Volt program. That, of course, didn't happen.