Chery @Ant Concept

Chery has brought one of the most unusual concept vehicles – actually and importantly, two such vehicles – to the Beijing Motor Show this week. Wonder what you're looking at in the picture above? How about a conceptual "road train" system where the individual cars can attach and detach when needed, forming one long snake that can make its way down the highway in all-electric comfort. See also: the SARTRE work done by Volvo.

Called the @Ant concept (yes, with the @ symbol), the vehicles are the very definition of an auto show concept. Able to go anywhere on its own, two or more @Ants can – with automated telematics systems, according to Car News China – pair up one car's rear wheels with the front wheels of another. @Ants "see" other @Ants and compare destination information via the cloud. If two are headed the same way for a while, the vehicles connect. Up to ten @Ants can be put together, and we'd love to know more about what this does for efficiency. We're also curious to see a video of the concept in action, because we sure have a few questions about how the whole thing works.
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Chery @Ant conceptChery @Ant conceptChery @Ant conceptChery @Ant concept