Coda Sedan

At least one person – a New York Times reviewer – has found that the Coda Sedan gets pretty impressive mileage out of a single charge. The tester reported reaching almost 110 miles on a single charge during a test drive.

The Coda was driven on a 79-mile round trip on one day, and had almost 20 percent of its battery power left over, and was driven 103 miles the following day, with "a few miles" worth of battery charge remaining, the Times reported. The Sedan had consistently better range than the Nissan Leaf the reviewer was leasing, though the car lacks amenities such as keyless entry, cruise control and a push-button starter.

The EPA in March estimated the Coda would get 88 miles on a single charge, the longest outside of Tesla Motors and 14 miles more than the Leaf. The Sedan was also given a 73-miles-per-gallon-equivalent rating.

Coda sold its first Sedans in March and opened its Los Angeles headquarters late last year.
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