It's like an extra tapas dish being thrown in with the whole meal, we guess.

Renault has a new idea to increase sales of some of its gas-powered 2012 model-year vehicles in Spain: throw in a Twizy EV.

The Australian publication Car Advice reports that buyers of cars like the $25,000 Laguna Grand Tour Wagon get a 6,990-euro ($8,560) Twizy EV for, uh, free, Car Advice reports. Models such as the Latitude and Espace are also part of the promotion.

The promotion reflects how Spain hasn't been too friendly to Renault this year. Through June, Renault sales in Spain were at their lowest in almost two decades.

The 17-horsepower Twizy, which is about a foot shorter than the Smart ForTwo, has a full-battery range of about 60 miles and a top speed of about 50 miles per hour. Renault first started selling the Twizy in France this March and began sales in the UK in April.