Fisker Karma

Last year, it was the BMW i8. Next year, it'll be the Fisker Karma. That's the recent progression of plug-in vehicles making an appearance in blockbuster films.

The Fisker Karma extended-range plug-in hybrid will play an important role in a scene in Paranoia, a corporate-espionage thriller starring Harrison Ford, according to USA Today. In the flick, which doesn't come out until next fall, a balding Ford hands the keys to a younger worker, played by Liam Hemsworth, as part of his "seduction" into the luxurious world of the one percent, according to the newspaper with the blue dot logo. Gary Oldman plays Ford's business mentee/opponent in the film.

The Fisker has already gained favor with other entertainment figures, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Cee Lo Green and Justin Bieber among those who drive the six-figure car. The Fisker isn't the only plug-in ride to hit the silver screen. Last year, the BMW i8 electric-concept vehicle was featured in the Tom Cruise hit "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol."