Firefly ESV

The all-electric Firefly ESV looks exactly like the kind of vehicle that would be used to go around and hand out parking tickets. Luckily, that's exactly what it was designed to do. Good Earth Energy (maker of the ESV, which stands for Essential Services Vehicle) itself says the vehicle has an "aggressive design" and "appealing curves" and for $29,775 it could be yours.

During an interview at AltCar 2012, Pete Barsky, the vice president of sales for Good Earth Energy told AutoblogGreen that the ESV is currently used in around a half-dozen cities in the US (e.g., Clayton, MS, Seattle, WA and Roanoke, VA) but he wouldn't say how many orders the company has for the Fort Worth, TX-made three wheeler. The trike can have the seat on the left, right or center, and most of the Firefly ESVs sold have the right-hand seat installed because this is most convenient for parking enforcement officers.

Inside the cabin, the ESV defines Spartan aesthetic. The buttons and knobs are utilitarian to the extreme, as you can see in the photo gallery. You'll get on/low/high settings for the heat, and you'll like it. Designed for people who know what they're doing, the basic info screen in the center of the dash can display information on individual cells in the battery pack in case one needs replacing. The company says it expects the pack to have a lifespan "of more than four years."

Speaking of the lithium-iron phosphate battery, the powertrain uses a 14.4-kWh pack and a 100-volt, 35-horsepower AC induction motor. With an electronically limited top speed of 45 miles per hour, the Firefly ESV can go around 60 miles on a charge. That should be plenty to roam downtowns looking for scofflaws.

Firefly's visit to the 2011 AltCar Expo was captured on video and is available below, along with a more general video of the car in action.
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Firefly ESVFirefly ESVFirefly ESVFirefly ESVFirefly ESVFirefly ESVFirefly ESVFirefly ESV