2013 Chevrolet Spark

How about a little of that over here?

That's what some electric-vehicle proponents may say after General Motors announced the upcoming public debut of an all-electric Chevrolet Spark. In South Korea.

GM Korea, which is 77 percent owned by the US automaker (the rest is owned by Korea Development Bank and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp.), will start making and selling the all-electric Spark in 2013, according to the Wall Street Journal.

GM, which says it's investing more than $900 million annually to further development of electric-drive vehicles, will also eventually "export" the Spark EV here to the US, though fewer details were disclosed about that process. Most likely, the Spark EV will be a California "compliance car." In March, GM started testing Spark EVs in California, and estimated that the car had a single-charge range of about 100 miles.

South Korea accounts for about 25 percent of all Chevrolets sold globally. Pictured above is a gas-powered Spark.