Mitsubishi i

More seats, fewer dollars.

That's what one Mitsubishi dealer in Oregon is advertising after cutting the price of one of its Mitsubishi i electric vehicles by more than $5,000.

Town & Country Mitsubishi near Portland is advertising what was once the cheapest mass-produced EV in the U.S. at $24,900, according to Green Car Reports. That's about $850 lower than the 2013 Smart ForTwo EV, which announced its pricing earlier this month.

Dealers are trying to spur sales of the four-seat Mitsubishi, which has sold in more-or-less novelty numbers since debuting in the US. Sales topped out at 85 units in May and have been largely in the 30- to 40-unit monthly range since then. Through September, Mitsubishi sold 439 of the EVs in the US. Better than zero, sure, but not as many EVs as Nissan sells in a month.

The Mitsubishi i has a 62 mile single-charge range, about 11 miles less than the Nissan Leaf EV. Smart says the EV gets 87 miles on a charge, but that's on the more generous European-cycle testing.