Nissan Leaf

We'll it ain't quite 50,000, but they're getting there

Nissan says it has sold 42,700 all-electric Leafs worldwide and won't slow down its efforts to broaden sales of zero-emission cars. That's what Plug In Cars reports, citing Nissan Chief Operating Officer Toshiyuki Shiga, who also said that Japan accounts for 19,000 of all those Leafs.

The Japanese automaker is looking to boost Leaf sales and, late last month, unveiled its first global ad campaign. Nissan pitched features such as being able to use the car as a back-up power supply for homes in addition to the no-pollution, no-gas angle.

US Leaf sales, lagging for much of this year, perked up recently. Last month, Nissan sold 1,579 Leafs here, a 76-percent jump from October 2011, in what became the second-best sales month ever in the US.