Coda Sedan

We gave the Coda Sedan electric vehicle decent enough marks when we took an early prototype for a Quick Spin last year. It looks like the performance-minded folks at Edmunds's Inside Line weren't so charitable, however.

Inside Line found that the EV, which started deliveries in March, beat the competing Nissan Leaf in both 0-to-60 miles per hour acceleration time (9.7 vs. 10.2 seconds) and quarter-mile time (14.6 vs. 17.5 seconds). Not too surprising, since the Coda has more horsepower than the Leaf. It also costs a few thousand more.

That's the good news. The bad news is that Inside Line found the Sedan's tire noise "remarkably loud," discovered the brakes weren't great (and got radically worse with successive stops) and said its vehicle control system, which cuts power and applies the brakes when the car is about to go into a slide, was "crude."

In March, the US Environmental Protection Agency said the Coda Sedan has a single-charge range of 88 miles, about 15 miles more than the Leaf. Los Angeles-based Coda says the EV can get up to 125 miles from a full battery pakc.