tesla model s

You can sell the car, but not the reservation for it. That's the gist of a Green Car Reports post about Tesla Model S reservation holders looking to "sell" their spots in line on eBay.

With the half-dozen or so reservations for the all-electric sedan being posted for sale on the auction site, Tesla confirmed to Green Car Reports that none of the approximately 14,000 reservations can be legally sold because the holders have signed an agreement saying that the reservations are non-transferable. In fact, the agreement specifically states that the only way the reservation is "transferable or assignable to another party" is with the written approval from an Tesla authorized representative. And Tesla says that no such approval has been given. That said, the car itself can be sold as soon as the reservation holder takes possession of it. Mere details.

Last month, the Model S won the Motor Trend Car of the Year Award. Tesla in November also announced that it hiked the Model S price for next year by $2,500 for US customers. That means the prices for the sedan will range from $59,900 for the base model to $94,400 for the top-end version.