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A good time to get a new Nissan Leaf (through select dealers) is between now and January 2, 2013. That's because there's a $9,775 cashback offer through Nissan's finance arm, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp. There are few transaction details available on the dealer websites, but the offer appears to be limited to lease deals.

The offer started at the beginning of December and ends before the new, refreshed 2013 model is launched at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Nissan is keeping quiet about details on the new model, but it's expected to be available with lower equipment levels and have a lower price tag then the current offerings.

Building the new Leaf at its Tennessee plant will help reduce costs and pricing. The company was a bit humbled by the experience of talking up lofty goals and then seeing sales not quite hit that level, though Leaf sales did start to rise back again in November. The Leaf does cost more than other, similar-sized vehicles, even with federal tax credits and state incentives. Weak resale values haven't helped any, either.

After two years on the market, the Leaf looks likes it's ready to be more competitive with other electric cars through its marketing campaign and dealer network. Will the cheaper 2013 Leaf reach price sensitive, skeptical consumers?
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