Coda Sedan

Retail experts have long said that the best time to get discounts is right after Christmas. That's apparently the case for prospective Coda Sedan electric vehicle buyers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Coda Silicon Valley, which is located in Santa Clara, CA, was recently offering the EVs for a low, low price of $24,995, or about a $14,000 haircut off of Coda's MSRP of $38,145, according to Green Car Reports. The offer expired earlier this week.

Still, the promotion hints that dealers may be having a hard time moving models, even in EV-mad regions such as the Bay Area. It's hard to know for sure, since Los Angeles-based Coda has never released sales figures, but we're guessing the layoffs don't inspire buyer confidence. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also didn't help matters last month when it give the Sedan a two-star rating in its frontal-impact crash tests. Neither did Inside Line, which in December critiqued the model for its braking, tire noise and vehicle-control system (check out Autoblog's own first drive review on the car here).

Last year, the US Environmental Protection Agency said the Coda had single-charge range of 88 miles.