2013 nissan leaf

Own a Leaf? Nissan would like to keep buyers of its all-electric car it in the proverbial family by offering a $1,000 loyalty discount towards other Nissan vehicles, even those dirty, nasty gas-powered ones.

In fact, Nissan is making the loyalty case offer available to anyone who lives in the household of a 2011 or 2012 Leaf owner (we're wondering how folks will stretch the definition of "household" to work that system). Nissan must be aware that some families like to hedge their bets and complement their EV with a gas-powered car; will $1,000 be enough to make it more likely they will choose a Nissan?

The loyalty program will be offered through the end of next year, and Nissan will be contacting Leaf owners starting next month as a reminder that they can spend tens of thousands of dollars to save $1,000 there is a loyalty discount.

In January, Nissan cut the price of its 2013 Leaf by $6,400 to a base of $28,800. Through February, Nissan's US vehicle sales were down three percent, compared to last year, down to 180,555 units. Leaf sales, though, were up 13 percent in 2013 compared to the same time in 2012.