Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma may be able to go 125 miles per hour, but the company making the extended-range plug-in doesn't appear to be outrunning its creditors.

Fisker Automotive allegedly owes two creditors more than $700,000 on late bills, GigaOM says in two separate articles. GigaOM cites court papers that say the landlord of the company's Anaheim, CA, factory says the automaker is short $174,000 in unpaid April rent, while the designer of the company's website and mobile apps claims that Fisker has a bill for $535,000. Fisker's been renting its factory space since late 2010.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that House Republicans, long critical of federal loans granted to "green technology" companies like Fisker, will hold a hearing later this month on the company and have requested co-founder Henrik Fisker and Fisker CEO Tony Posawatz to attend. Mr. Fisker stepped down as the company's executive chairman last month. Fisker drew down about $192 million of its $529 million line of credit with the US Department of Energy before funds were frozen because of missed production deadlines.

The California-based automaker has furloughed its US employees and has hired a law firm for a possible bankruptcy proceeding.