OSCar's eO PP01 electric vehicle

After sending the all-electric eO beast to the Dakar Rally – where it became the first electric vehicle to finish that event – Latvia's OSCar is readying a new racer for the Pikes Pike International Hill Climb in Colorado next month.

The eO PP01 supercar boasts a lightweight, tubular carbon-fiber frame with an electric engine that peaks at 536 horsepower. The company says an EV is at an advantage at the 14,000-foot altitude of the race because, unlike conventional gas engines, electric engines don't lose power at high altitudes. OSCar admits, "so far no electric car has won [Pikes Peak] outright," but EV's "are becoming a force to be reckoned with." Other electric entrants this year include Toyota's TMG EV P002 and the Monster Sport E-Runner.

The eO has raced more than 11,000 miles worth of competitions across three continents. OSCar first made news on the green-car front when it entered a plug-in hybrid in the 2011 Dakar Rally. That model, which included a Nissan-built gas-powered range-extender, had 422 horsepower as well as a 190-mile single-charge range. eO hasn't put up any videos of the PP01 yet, but you can see a video of the Electric OSCar eO in the AutoEuro 6h Cup in 2012 below and check out eO's blog on the Pikes Peak car here.