Honda Fit EV

Prospective electric-vehicle drivers may have to do some California Dreamin' if they want to get a new EV in the Golden State because – surprise – people like EVs when they drop in price.

The Honda Fit EV and the Fiat 500e are among the plug-in models that have seen a jump in demand in California after lower monthly lease rates were announced, the Los Angeles Times reports. Honda has sold out of its lease-only California allocation after dropping its monthly lease rate late last month to $259. Honda initially set a $389 lease rate last year. Meanwhile, the yet-to-debut Fiat 500e has its own waiting list. Fiat announced its lease rates, which start at $199 a month, in April.

US plug-in vehicle sales through May jumped 75 percent from a year earlier to almost 24,000 vehicles, with Nissan Leaf sales almost tripling to more than 7,600 vehicles. And those plug-in sales numbers don't include the Tesla Model S, which sold 4,900 units during the first quarter but doesn't release monthly figures.