Tesla Model S

Consider it Tesla Motors' hoi-polloi concession, sort of. The California-based maker of the all-electric Model S has cut the reservation price on the sedan in half. That means, while the starting price on the Model S remains a still-substantial $62,400 (and it can jump up pretty quickly from there to north of $100,000 with various goodies), folks can at least get in line for one for $2,500.

While Tesla doesn't reveal monthly sales figures, the company last reported that sales were more than expected, with first-quarter deliveries at about 4,900 units. Some analysts are now estimating that the company sold almost 9,000 Model S vehicles in the first half of 2013, but we'll have to wait until the next SEC filing is due to know for sure.

As for the upcoming Model X SUV. Tesla is keeping the $5,000 reservation price for that one.