Tesla Model S

You can't chalk this one up to Dutch windmills and an extra push they may have theoretically given an electric car. Instead it's just plain electric power. A team of students from the Netherlands was able to wring a whopping 388 miles out of a Tesla Model S on a single charge, but instead of any sort of special circumstances or super slow speeds, the team achieved this distance in "normal" traffic, Green Car Reports says. That's far more than The New York Times managed in a drive last winter that turned into a public war of words.

With a car provided by Athlon Car Lease, the students from Eindhoven University of Technology averaged 24 miles per hour in regular traffic. The achievement is impressive given that the Tesla is rated at up to 265 miles on a single charge and the drive brings a bit of good PR to California-based Tesla, as if it needed any. Tesla recently started European sales and has its European distribution center in the Netherlands.

The Dutch team did fall short of a Florida driver's effort last year to get 423 miles out of a Tesla on one charge late last year. Of course, that driver's average speed was just 18 miles per hour, implying that someone had a little extra time on their hands.
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