A Rimac for the rest of us? If you've been bummed that you couldn't quite afford an electric supercar from Rimac Automobili, don't despair. It appears the folks behind the Concept_One have applied their engineering talent to a simpler, more affordable product. Freshly revealed at the Salon Privé in London, behold, the Greyp G12: an exceptional electric bicycle with motorcycle-like performance.

The Croatian creation uses a 12-kW (16-horsepower) hub motor to sprint up to its 65 km/h (40 miles per hour) top speed, while tucked behind carbon fiber body panels, the 1.3-kWh battery pack keeps you going for up to 120 kilometers (74.5 miles). Strong regenerative braking also helps to reach that distance, with the A123 cells capable of sucking up as much as 2 kW of momentum-slowing energy.

Besides brawn, the G12 also boasts brains.

Besides brawn, the G12 also boasts brains. It uses fingerprint recognition to activate the bike and change driving modes. Capable of remembering five prints per user (and up to 50 users), a touch of a particular digit alters the performance output. Applying your thumb to the reader might put you in street mode, keeping you in compliance with (most) European Union road rules, while your middle finger might unleash all of its formidable abilities, should the need arise. It also features full instrumentation, using a 5-inch color touch screen to keep you informed of your speed, battery capacity, motor temperature and a myriad of other variables.

The Greyp team is continuing to refine its signature product and we should see items such as lighting and smartphone connectivity in the near future. Beta deliveries are said to begin in October with regular production units shipping in early 2014. There's no mention of price but the dealer portion of the fledgling company's website mentions a 6,000 Euro ($7875.60 at today's rates) figure. Expect to pay more. Scroll down for in the official press release with more details and the story behind the bike, along with an introductory video featuring the G12 in action.

*UPDATE: Greyp informs us 6,000 Euro ($7875.60 at today's rates) is the base price.
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Rimac Automobili launching Greyp Bikes

London, September 4th, 2013. – Salon Prive will host the world premiere of the Greyp G12, the new high performance electric bicycle coming from the minds behind the fastest electric supercar. Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac Automobili and Greyp Bikes said: "Our goal was to make the experience for our cutting-edge technology, developed primarily for supercars, accessible for a wider range of customers."

The Greyp G12 is designed from the ground up to combine the best of both worlds – motorcycles and bicycles. It is a bicycle when you want it, or a motorcycle when you need it. With stunning performance for an electric bike - 65 km/h top speed and a range of up to 120km without pedalling, you will enjoy riding with Greyp. It can easily be recharged from 0 to 100 percent in only 80 minutes – from a standard 220V outlet.

The G12 has a special mode to comply with the regulations for road vehicles – which limits the speed and power. Still, the top-speed is just a tap on the touch-screen away when you need it. One more special feature is that you don't have to worry about the key, the G 12 is fingerprint activated. You can choose that a certain finger starts the bike in a certain mode. Your thumb can lead you the Street Mode, while your middle-finger will activate the speed-mode.

A state-of-the art battery-pack, designed and manufactured by Rimac Automobili, is providing 1,3 kWh of juice for the G12. The G-12 is equipped with Lithium-Nanophosphate battery-cells manufactured by A123 Systems. These cells are considered as the best high-performance battery-cells currently in existence.

You can pedal if you want, assist the motor or drive the G12 like a motorcycle. It will reach 65 km/h without any assistance by the rider. You never need to sweat riding up a hill again and when you go downhill, the motor can recharge the battery with up to 2 kW of power while braking. Most of the time you - won't even need the mechanical brakes – regen braking will do all the work.

The idea of Greyp came to life when Zvonimir Sucic, a well-known designer of high-performance electric bicycles and motorcycles, joined Rimac Automobili as a mechanical engineer in 2010. Zvonimir developed and built electric bikes since 2001. in his garage with the help of a couple of friends as a hobby. His first production-bike, the Greyborg, was delivered to 27 countries but still remained an after-work hobby for Zvonimir. Mate Rimac liked Zvonimir's creations, but he didn't like the technology under the skin so he decided to design a bike after his standards and present the idea to Adriano – the man that designed the Concept_One. With the help od 6 Rimac Automobili engineers Zvonimir, Mate and Adriano started to design the first Greyp from ground up – this was the 12th bike in Zvonimir's bike- designer career. The G12.