Tesla Model S

As fantasy football players will probably know, the sports media industry is figuring out how to get algorithms to automatically "write" articles based on data sets and some sort of phrase generator. We're still real people here at Autoblog, but when it comes to yet another post on how Tesla Motors stock (TSLA) has hit yet another record high, we could use some robotic help.

After all, you've read this story as many times as we've written it, that TSLA stock is higher today than it has ever been, whether that was the now-quaint levels of $53 or $83 or $90. But breaking records is always impressive, so when the stock crossed the $180 threshold today – an increase of around eight percent for the day – we took notice. We're sure the robots that control the stock trading noticed, too. By the end of the day, the stock was back down to $177.92, but that's still a solid jump from the $170.80 opening.

In any case, we're guessing all those new "Teslanaires" are glad they haven't backed out yet. How long do you think they should they stay in the game? After all, buried on that list of stock records was a prediction that TSLA could hit $200 ... or back down to $20.
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