Ylvis, the fraternal comedic duo from Norway famous for not knowing what the fox says, certainly don't suffer similar bewilderment when it comes to electric car sounds. Much has been made of the silent attribute of electric vehicles at low speeds, and while some manufacturers have approached this conundrum with soft, dulcet tones or other murmurings, the brothers have decided that decibels are like dollars. More is never enough.

Their solution? A very non-subtle four-tone air horn typically found on the front of a train. To prove its sonic effectiveness, they mounted it to the front of Kewet Buddy, and struck out in search of victims test subjects.

The results are exactly what you might imagine, but still worth the watching. Despite the bit of Norwegian spoken at the beginning of the clip, an understanding of that language is unnecessary to enjoy what follows. As an extra bonus, we're throwing in their super-fantabulous smash hit The Fox, just in case you're in need of more humor therapy.