Tesla Model S

In some European countries – Iceland and Norway – the Tesla Model S is doing quite well. In others, according to the International Business Times, early indications are that interest in the world's best-selling luxury EV are a bit muted.

The numbers from IBT indicate that Tesla's sales in Norway hit 801 in the first two months of availability. In Holland, Denmark and Germany it was just 531 - for all three. There were 348 sold in Holland and 85 in Denmark those first two months.

That leaves 98 sold in Germany in those two months, quite a ways behind the country's best-selling EVs. The Smart ED sold 146 units in Germany just in September, and even the Renault Zoe and the Nissan Leaf outsold the Model S that month. Those two EVs sold 57 and 55 units, respectively.

All this is despite the fact that Germany's market is much bigger than Norway's (IBT says it's bigger than all three of the other countries, combined). We're pretty sure the high interest in Norway is due to that country's big governmental support for EVs and the low sales outside of Norway could be due to the sluggish European automarket overall. We're not sure why, but it's still something to pay attention to when Tesla releases its third-quarter quarterly earnings report in two weeks, on November 5.
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