2012 ford focus electric

When we saw a note about a recall for the Ford Focus Electric, our first reaction was, "is that a new one? Because it's getting hard to tell." This year, we've already seen the Blue Oval's all-electric hatch recalled for non-working door chimes and a "wiring incompatibility" in the headlights. The car is also reportedly under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the "Stop Safely Now" issue.

The new recall, according to The New York Times, can result in a loss of power in the front wheels cause by a "software issue" in the powertrain control module. No accidents have been reported and Ford has been aware of and investigating the problem since August. The numbers of Focus EV owners who complained to Ford about the problem is under two dozen, but Ford will recall about 2,500 Focus EVs from the 2012-14 model years. We think that still fits into the "small recall" space, something that is becoming more and more likely. From what we have heard, Ford's Safety Recall Notice for the "Powertrain Control Module Reprogram" is #13S09.

In an unrelated recall, Ford is bringing 3,100 2011-2012 model year Super Duty ambulances to fix an exhaust-gas temperature sensor in the diesel engine. The faulty sensor can shut the 6.7-liter turbocharged V8 powerplant down and force it to remain off for an hour. Not exactly the kind of reliability anyone wants in an emergency vehicle.