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The United Kingdom is about to get its first official taste of the Tesla Model S, and it'll be one pricey bite. Business Insider says the impressive EV will start at 54,900 pounds ($88,000) for the 60-kWh version. There is a 5,000-pound government grant available that can drop that to a slightly more reasonable 49,900 pounds ($80,000). Auto Express pegs the price tags for the higher-level trim lines at 57,300 pounds ($92,000) for the 85-kWh model and 68,700 pounds ($110,000) for the 85-kWh Performance version.

Business Insider points the blame for the higher costs at three things: "the costs of actually getting the cars to those markets, European value-added taxes, and import duties." The UK prices are a bit lower than in other European countries, but still more than in the US. For comparison, the base Model S in the US starts at $69,900 before incentives. Tesla is getting ready to start production of the right-hand version for the UK (and other markets) and the automaker will turn on the first UK-based Supercharger in early 2014. The first Model S should go on sale in the UK by March 2014.
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