1974 Porsche 914 Converted EV

Looking through the pages of the EV Album is a great way to learn about the breadth and depth of the electric vehicle community. Branching well beyond the three dozen or so electric vehicles that are currently sold by major automakers in the US, EV Album showcases lots of DIY conversions of all types. A 1995 Fiat Cinquecento? Check. A 1992 Kewet Eljet 2? No problem. The site's old-fashioned looks (it was started in 1997) show just how long people have been passionate about their EVs.

Many of the cars are throwbacks to a previous time and we found a prime example of that, a converted 1974 Porsche 914 (EV Album page here) this week. Now powered by a Prestolite MTC4001 Series Wound DC motor and some flooded nickel-cadmium batteries, the 914 has a top speed of 80 miles per hour and a range of 35 miles. But only "if you are taking it easy," of course. The motor has a peak output of 60 horsepower and 25 hp continuous. Converted over 600 hours (!) to electric power at a cost of $10,000, it is now owned by Charlie Garlow of Maryland. The car is on display at the Washington Auto Show this week and serves as a great reminder of what most EV drivers used to have to do to drive emissions free.