Nissan Dayz Roox

Last November, the Renault-Nissan Alliance and Mitsubishi announced a partnership to build some tiny electric vehicles for the Japanese market. Well, the partnership is going to build more than that (like the Nissan Dayz, pictured above in Roox form, and the Mitsubishi eK wagon), but we're most interested in the upcoming plug-in results.

Those results are not here yet, but we now know that the 50-50 joint venture is moving forward and that the first "kei car" EV from the project is now due in fiscal 2016, according to the Nikkei Asia Review. The makers of the popular Leaf and i-MiEV electric vehicles say that the new small EV will be the cheapest EV on the market when its released, potentially priced at 1.5 million yen (around $14,700 US). Currently, the i-MiEV is the cheapest EV option in Japan, with a 2.5-million yen starting price (just under $24,500 US) before incentives. Taking a good $10,000 of the purchase price is likely more than enough to counter the smaller size and, perhaps, more limited amenities.