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    Honda to focus on hybrid, halts development on V8 engine, rear-drive

    2009 Acura TSX – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Not long ago, Honda announced its intentions to build a V8 engine for its next-gen Acura flagship sedan, which was also likely to be migrated to a rear-wheel-drive platform. Unsurprisingly in light of the recent global economic ...

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    Spoiler Alert: 2009 12 Hours of Sebring, race and green challenge winners

    Click above for a high res gallery from the 2009 12 Hours of Sebring
    The 2009 12 Hours of Sebring was one for the history books and that's where it is now. If the race is still sitting on your Tivo, stop reading now. Otherwise click the continue link to find out who won the Green Challenge and ...

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    Geneva 2009: Honda Accord Tourer Type-S

    Click the Accord tourer for a high res gallery
    The car pictured above represents some of my favorite features in a main-stream car: it's a wagon and it's a diesel. I'm also fully aware that I am in a distinct minority on both counts among drivers in the U.S. market. This is the new European-market ...

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    Peugeot confirms 2 908 HDi racers for Sebring

    The top LMP1 class is shaping to be a real battle royale at next month's 12 Hours of Sebring. Peugeot has confirmed that it will be campaigning two of its diesel-powered 908 HDi coupes at the American Le Mans Series season opener. The Peugeots will be taking on at least four brand new race cars in ...

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    Acura diesel on hold because of business conditions, not tech issues

    Click image for a high res gallery of the 2009 Acura TSX
    AutoblogGreen spoke with Honda of America spokesman Sage Marie at a media event yesterday about the company's plans to introduce a clean diesel to the US market in 2009. The new 2.2L diesel engine is already available in the European Honda ...

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    Next-next-gen Acura RL may finally get a V8 ... or not

    Honda has always been a company run by engineers who like to do more with less. In the 1970s, the Civic got a CVCC system that allowed it to meet emissions standards for many years without using a catalytic converter. Today the company's top of the line Acura RL competes in the luxury sport sedan ...

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    Will Acura's new diesel jump on the DOA train?

    Click for a high res gallery of the 2009 Acura TSX
    In recent weeks, we've heard about two light duty diesel programs being shelved at Toyota and Ford. Now, an anonymous poster on the Motor Trend forum is indicating the same fate may await the new Acura 2.2L i-DTEC diesel. Honda engineers have been ...

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    Ten diesels you'll be able to drive stateside soon

    Forbes has published a list of 10 diesel cars Americans will be able to purchase soon. Automakers expect that the new generation diesels will catch up on American soil thanks to their refined engineering, which translates into reduced emissions and more torque along with mileage increases of around ...

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    Luxury Electric announces full size electric car trans-continental trip at DNC

    A while back we somewhat cynically informed you of an Acura TL converted to all-electric that was being made available for the low low price of *cough $185,000. It seems no one took advantage of the offer but that has turned out to be a good thing for Luxury Electric A.K.A. Potential Difference, ...

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    Honda getting 3 more hybrids and 3 diesels in the next few years

    Honda has always had one of the cleanest and most efficient model lineups in the U.S. market and they look set to continue that trend over the next several years. We already knew that the Japanese automaker would be adding three more hybrids to its lineup over the next two years: the five-door ...

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    New York '08: 2009 Acura TSX, soon with a diesel, but not quite yet!

    Click the TSX for a high-res galleryAcura took the wraps of the all-new TSX today at the New York Auto Show, although we already saw it with Honda badges at the Geneva Auto Show a couple of weeks ago. The TSX will almost certainly be the first Acura model to get Honda's new 2.2L diesel four ...

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    ALMS Speculation: Acura preparing to move up to LMP1 with a diesel?

    Several bits of information have come out about Acura and their participation in the American Le Mans Series over the past two months so it's time to put two and two together and see if we can get to add up to seven. Acura jumped into the fray in the LMP2 class in 2007 and had a reasonably ...

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    AutoblogGreen Podcast #20 - Geneva Motor Show wrap-up

    Episode 20 of the AutoblogGreen Podcast has us recapping Geneva mere days before we head to New York. There were lots of exciting things over in Switzerland, and we touch on a few of them. Th!nk's new Ox will be a Tesla-magnitude achievement if it hits the market doing what the company says it ...

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    Can't wait for the Tesla WhiteStar? You might be able to get an Acura TL EV, or not

    The Tesla WhiteStar sedan is still at least a couple of years away from production (if not more). However a reader sent in a link to a site that purports to offer a Luxury Electric sedan. The car in question is an Acura TL shorn of its gasoline-fueled V-6 and converted to electric power. The site ...

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    New York '08: Preview Acura TSX/Honda Euro Accord

    Click the Euro Accord for a high-res galleryJudging by the almost uniformly negative reaction in the comments following the introduction of the facelifted 2009 Acura RL in Chicago last week, the grille on the car shown above could quickly become a popular aftermarket item for the new TSX when it ...

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    New York '08 Preview: 2009 Acura TSX to debut

    Acura's entry-level TSX sedan is is a re-badged version of the European-market Honda Accord, a car that will debut on March 5 at the Geneva Motor Show. Acura has now let us know that the U.S.-market TSX will be dropping just two weeks later at the New York Auto Show. Why is this relevant here on ...

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    Geneva 2008 Preview: 2009 Euro Accord/Acura TSX, coming to US with diesel

    Click the photo for more teaser images of the new Euro AccordAt the recent Detroit Auto Show, Honda showed off their new 2.2L clean diesel engine and revealed that it would debut in 2009 in an Acura model. Although they wouldn't say which model, most speculation immediately converged on the TSX. ...

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    Detroit 2008: ALMS announces Green Challenge, Corvette goes cellulosic E85

    American Le Mans Series CEO Scott Atherton announced a partnership this morning with the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Transportation and the Society of Automotive Engineers to make ALMS the global leader in green racing. Working with those groups, the series is defining a new ...

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    Infiniti will use Nissan's new diesel too!

    It looks the new 3.0L V-6 clean diesel that Nissan is working up with corporate partner Renault for 2010 will find it's way into a wide variety of vehicles from the company, including the upscale Infiniti brand. Back in mid-August Nissan filed several new trademarks including EX30D, G30D, FX30D, ...

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    John Watts on Acura's green powertrain plans

    During Acura's recent 2008 vehicle preview I had a chance to chance with Product Planning Manager John Watts about alternative powertrain plans. While Lexus has produced hybrid versions of several of their models, Acura hasn't incorporated Honda's IMA system on any vehicles. In fact Watts feels the ...


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