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    Recharge Wrap-Up: No new Smart Roadster, Africa to UK on one tank, Duke's efficient axial engine [w/videos]

    Smart will not make another generation of the Roadster, but a Smart SUV might be in the cards. According to Smart's CEO, Annette Winkler, "The Roadster isn't a profitable business case. Everybody is keen on the car, but nobody wants to pay the bill." What Car? states that Smart is likely planning ...

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    Ol Pejeta Conservancy wants to crowdfund a diesel hybrid safari vehicle

    Crowdfunding has not been kind to electric vehicle projects. The Derringer electric bike, while cool, didn't make it. The ultra-fast battery charger idea raised just $2,666 out of a $50,000 goal. And there are many more failed examples. (That Kickstarter project for that EV coloring book, on the ...

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    Video: Nissan introduces Leaf EV to South Africa with candid camera stunt

    Each time is like the first time. That's the challenge – read: opportunity – that Nissan has whenever it brings the all-electric Leaf to a new market. For the EV's South African debut, the local Nissan arm decided that humor would be the best way to teach people about the new car with ...

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    Official: Metair shows off new plug-in car, and battery, in South Africa

    The car may look like a throwback, but the important bits are on the inside. South Africa-based Metair takes a retrofitted two-door hatchback and uses it to show off what the group says is the most advanced lead-acid battery around. By US and Japanese standards, Metair went decidedly low-budget, ...

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    Report: Joule of Denial: Optimal Energy sails into the sunset

    The dream of having a practical electric vehicle from South Africa has ended. At least, for now. Optimal Energy, which first trotted out its Keith Helfet-designed Joule at the 2008 Paris Motor Show has announced that it is shutting down. Though it was originally expected to go on sale in 2010, ...

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    Report: Mobius Motors plans $6,000 SUV for Africa

    Ultra low-cost transportation doesn't have a particularly successful history in the recent past. Just ask Tata. The company's Nano subcompact was supposed to revolutionize the way low-income families the world over moved themselves, but as it turns out, even those with no money don't want to be ...

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    Official: Mission Africa is mission accomplished; EV goes 3,600 miles in 38 days

    First, the numbers: 38 days of driving 5,800 kilometers (3,600 miles) About 40 battery charges Six countries Those are the stats from the now-completed Mission Africa, a cross-continent trip in a "Powered by Venturi" electric Citroen Berlingo. Driver Xavier Chevrin says that the ...

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    Official: Mission Africa sends electric Citroen Berlingo from Kenya to South Africa

    Venturi does more than create whimsical concept vehicles for auto shows. The company also supports electric vehicles going on long-distance adventures, like from Shanghai to Paris. The latest mission sends an EV along 4,800 kilometres (2,982 miles) from Kenya to South Africa. The trip started ...

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    Official: Fisker reaches out to Middle East; DOE reaches for loan consultant

    Fisker Automotive may not exactly be chummy with the U.S. federal government these days, but at least it's getting some love from the Middle East. The California-based extended-range plug-in vehicle maker reached an agreement with Al-Futtaim Group to distribute its cars throughout the Middle ...

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    Report: Nissan Leaf headed to South Africa in 2013

    It's official. Nissan will launch the Leaf in South Africa "as soon as conditions allow." While addressing attendees at the 2011 Johannesburg International Motor Show, Pierre Loing, Nissan's vice-president of product and strategy, told showgoers that the success of the award-winning Leaf has ...

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    Report: Petrobras drillship attacked by pirates off coast of Africa

    Pirates? Terrorists? You make the call. gCaptain reports that just months after arriving on location, the Petrobras-owned Ocean Rig Poseidon was recently attacked while drilling for oil off the coast of Tanzania, Africa. Officially, Tanzania's Registrar of Ships released this statement:


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    Report: Nigeria bans two-stroke engines, adopts Euro II emissions standards from 1996

    It may not be on most people's news radar, but the West African nation of Nigeria has a problem with the effects of roadside pollution. As Africa's most populous nation, Nigeria has its share of smog-filled cities, congested roads and aging vehicles. In an effort to clear the air, Nigeria will, ...

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    Report: Libyan rebels claim Gaddafi's all-electric Fiat 500 as prize

    Libyan leader (ex-leader?) Muammar Qaddafi apparently had some unusual items in his personal collection. Rebel forces stormed his compound this week, and we now know he had a scrapbook dedicated to former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, lots of weapons and, oddly, a doorless, all-electric ...

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    Green: The Gulf oil spill looks small when compared to what Shell's done to Nigeria

    BP's massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last year has moved off the front pages in most of the nation, though the damage done to the environment and economy of the Gulf region is far from repaired. However, at least that spill once had some attention from the nation and the world. In the ...

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    Kenya eliminates import duty on battery-powered vehicles

    Kenya, of all places, is looking to get in on the plug-in vehicle action by eliminating import duties on battery-powered vehicles. With Somalia to its east, Ethiopia to its north, Uganda to its west and Tanzania to it south – and bordered by the Indian Ocean to the southeast and situated ...

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    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awards $1.5M for human waste-to-biodiesel project

    Converting human waste into useable fuel is not a breakthrough idea. In fact, it's been done for years. However, here's a new twist: in the capital city of Ghana, Accra, Colombia University professor Kartik Chandran will make biodiesel and methane from human waste using his self-developed ...

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    Saudi Arabia increases oil output to compensate for shortage from Libya

    According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), Saudi Arabia has boosted its oil output to compensate for shortages in global crude supply caused by the unrest in Libya. Reports confirm that Saudi officials have met with European refiners to discuss the amount of oil required to fill the ...

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    Diane Rehm talks oil prices, Middle East unrest and plug-in cars

    If you're interested in hearing how the turmoil in North Africa and the Middle East is connected to the recent spike in gas prices, we hope you've got an hour to spare. That's how long it'll take to listen to today's Diane Rehm Show, which is a great "where are we now" piece on a lot of the factors ...

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    Optimal Energy conducting real-world tests of four Joule EVs

    Joule EV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Optimal Energy, the South African-based company behind the funky five-seat Joule electric vehicle (EV), is reporting that real-world testing of four of its battery-powered minivans has officially commenced. The Joule, first introduced at ...

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    Ethiopia gets geared up for biodiesel

    Challenged by fluctuating oil prices and stricken with poverty, Ethiopia is searching for a way to boost the nation's economical situation and perk up the country's poor living conditions. Some Ethiopian leaders believe that the solution lies in renewable fuels. Statistics show that Ethiopia ...


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