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American Electric Vehicle

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    AMP hires GM veteran John Gatt

    Amp Sky – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We first became aware of AMP Electric Vehicles when it produced a fully electrified version of the late Saturn Sky roadster a couple of years ago. With the demise of the Saturn brand, AMP shifted its focus to the Chevrolet Equinox and is now ...

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    What is a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV)?

    We all want electric vehicles that we can afford. Unfortunately the only full function electric car "available on the market" in the United States right now is the Tesla Roadster. However even before car loans became hard to get, the Roadster was largely unaffordable. So, what other options are ...

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    Zap counters hype machine story with yet more press releases

    In typical fashion, Zap has responded to the critical exposé that was published Wired recently with, you guessed it, more press releases. The releases, of course, do nothing at all to address any of the issues raised in the article about the company's business practices. Zap has heavily ...

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    Lithium powered EV to be built in England

    We've already covered the Italian-designed Kurrent built in Michigan by American Electric Vehicle. An English company is preparing to use the same design and build it in Britain. Future Vehicles will produce the Elettrica to take on the popular if easily "compacted" G-Wiz. Unlike the Kurrent, which ...

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    Italian-made Elettrica EV makes London-to-Brighton drive "with battery capacity to spare"

    It may look like an AEV Kurrent to American eyes, but the car in the photo here is an Elettrica. It may share the look of the Kurrent, but the Elettrica is an Italian-made electric car that recently proved it has a range of at least 50 miles during a drive from London to Brighton without ...

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    American Electric Vehicle moves to larger factory

    A Kurrent in the assembly process. Click the photo for a high res galleryAutoblogGreen visited the original factory of American Electric Vehicle back in February of this year to talk to company President Scott Thornton and drive the Kurrent NEV. Since then, business has been pretty brisk for AEV ...

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    Traverse City, MI's Kurrent electric car rentals to be powered by renewable energy

    Click on the photo of AEV President Scott Thornton and the Kurrent for a high-res gallery of photos from AutoblogGreen's visit to the AEV factoryTraverse City, Michigan gets pretty touristy in the summertime, and this year some of those visitors can cruise the sights in a zero-emission Kurrent ...

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    Montana raises NEV speed limit to 35 mph

    Click on the photo for a high-res gallery of the AEV Kurrent factory tourThe state of Montana has just passed a law raising the speed limit for neighborhood electric vehicles from 25mph to 35mph. Montana becomes the first state in the nation to allow the increasingly common NEVs to travel at the ...

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    NEVs may get more speed in Washington State

    Click on the photo for a high res gallery from the AEV factory tourHere are AutoblogGreen, we've done several reports on various neighborhood electric vehicles such as the various models from GEM and a factory visit to American Electric Vehicle that included a drive in their Kurrent. These NEVs ...

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    AutoblogGreen visits the American Electric Vehicle factory and we drive a Kurrent

    Click on the photo of AEV President Scott Thornton and the Kurrent for a high-res gallery of photos from our visit to the AEV factory digg_url = ''; Mix an old non-descript suburban Detroit warehouse ...

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    The Top Ten electric vehicles you can buy right now (for the most part)

    digg_url = ''; I think all the news of the Tesla Roadster and the Chevy Volt that came out since last summer has reminded a lot of people that there are some serious contenders to the gasoline ...

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    AutoblogGreen Q&A: Scott Thornton, President-American Electric Vehicle Co.

    A few days ago, Scott Thornton took some time to talk to AutoblogGreen about his current project, American Electric Vehicles and the Kurrent electric car (for an intro to the Kurrent, read this).ABG: How did you get started with American Electric Vehicles?ST: We have a pretty strong marketing ...

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    The Kurrent is Kute but will it Konnect with Konsumers?

    Is the sudden interest in neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV) good for EV movement? Are they helping advance the technology needed to introduce mainstream consumers to EVs? Is there really a strong market for $10,000 or $15,000 grocery getters and industrial-yard security cruisers? Those are ...


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