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    Official: Nissan starts selling CNG-powered Navara in Thailand

    US production of natural-gas vehicles is nothing new (Ford just announced a CNG F-150 today), it's not a huge market segment here. Nissan is banking on some pretty steady demand in Thailand, though, where the Japanese automaker is introducing a compressed natural gas (CNG) version of the Navara ...

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    Official: Renault-Nissan will start boosting BRIC production in 2015 with modular production

    Renault and sister company Nissan, long advocates of electric-drive adoption, are gearing up for increased demand in emerging global markets by starting production on a modular-based platform in India in 2015. The Renault-Nissan Alliance said last week that it would start producing its Common ...

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    Study: Waste rice husks could find a home in next-gen lithium-ion batteries

    Lithium-ion batteries have two big hurdles to climb if they're going to power millions of plug-in vehicles – they're too expensive and their reliability has been called to question. For next-gen li-ion batteries to make it, there had better be a cheap and plentiful component. How about rice ...

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    Two Wheels: Zero gets electric motorcycles ready for police duty in Hong Kong

    Zero officially became many as the maker of electric motorcycles had its largest single-fleet sale to the city of Hong Kong. The company, Zero Motorcycles, is distributing its bikes in eastern Asia through Yuen Ho Trading Co. (you didn't expect the Tesla Motors sales model, did you?) and sold 59 ...

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    Motorsports: Formula E touts Renault relationship with new car design, adds Bangkok to calender

    The Formulec EF01 is a pretty sweet all-electric race car, but it's really been just a place holder for the vehicles that will eventually form the FIA Formula E Championship grid. Along with an announcement that Renault will be a technical partner, the budding series has just released images of ...

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    Official: Hyundai's 50-acre rooftop solar-panel system will be South Korea's largest

    Hyundai's green-cred future's so bright, its factory roof's gotta wear shades. The South Korean automaker will install that country's largest solar-panel system when it deploys about 40,000 solar voltaic panels on the roof of its Asan plant later this year. The system will cover about 2.2 ...

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    Space-age electric tuk-tuk ready for taxi passengers in Philippines

    Tuk-tuks are the three-wheeled passenger vehicles commonly used in Asia, and they're often noisy and most-certainly-not-emissions-free. To counter the current state, Japanese start-up company Terra Motors has launched an electric tuk-tuk and thinks its electric tricycle will be a cost competitive ...

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    Official: Nissan expands NV200 electric van tests in Singapore

    Nissan is conducting field tests with FedEx in Singapore for its all-electric NV200 commercial van. The road test for what Nissan now calls the "e-NV200" is part of a comprehensive field test program that was started up by Nissan and FedEx at the Hannover Motor Show in Germany last ...

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    Report: GM will make next electric car in Korea; expected to be bigger than Spark EV

    GM reportedly will produce next-generation electric vehicles in South Korea, alongside the Chevrolet Spark EV (pictured), due to arrive in American showrooms by summer, and later this year in Europe. The Spark EV also will be available for fleets in Canada. GM Korea honcho Sergio Rocha told ...

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    Report: Turkey wants bigger role in EV world

    In the "You Gotta Start Somewhere" Department, Turkish government officials are vowing to fund the development of Turkish-made electric vehicles in order to increase regional competitiveness within the alt-fuel world, Hurriyet Daily News says. Turkey's Science Ministry will buy 200 electric cars ...

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    Report: Cambodia unveils domestic EV, the Angkor

    Add Cambodia to the list of countries hoping to boost its domestic economy by making electric vehicles. The Southeast Asia country of about 14 million people will be home to the Angkor EV 2013, which will be produced by Heng Development Co., according to the Phnom Penh Post. We've heard lots of ...

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    Official: Tesla Model S vs. the world

    Since the Detroit Auto Show almost 12 months ago, Tesla began calling 2012 the Year of the Model S. Following the US launch earlier this year, the all-electric sedan is about to go on sale in Europe. Tesla's latest email newsletter reveals a bit about how the company is preparing audiences around ...

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    Report: GM will sell all-electric Chevy Spark in South Korea in 2013; US gets it later

    How about a little of that over here? That's what some electric-vehicle proponents may say after General Motors announced the upcoming public debut of an all-electric Chevrolet Spark. In South Korea. GM Korea, which is 77 percent owned by the US automaker (the rest is owned by Korea Development ...

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    Report: Fisker will start selling Karma in China in November

    The time difference between California and Beijing is quite a bit less than 11 months, but we doubt plug-in enthusiasts in China will quibble with that. Fisker Automotive, which in late 2010 reached an agreement with China Grand Automotive Group to have its Karma extended-range plug-in sports ...

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    Official: BYD sells its first electric cars, three E6 EVs, in Thailand

    Hey, it's a start. BYD, the China-based vehicle maker that's repeatedly delayed the debut of its battery-electric vehicles for the U.S. market, has sold three of its EVs to the Thai utility company that supplies power to Bangkok as part of an effort to promote EV vehicle use in the country. ...

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    Report: Lada introduces new all-electric vehicle in Russia

    In 1976, Renault famously (or some would say infamously) introduced Le Car. Now, the French automaker is playing a major role in the unveiling of El Lada. In this case, Renault and sister company Nissan are 50 percent owners of Lada, which is pitching what will be the first Russian-produced ...

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    Ultimate fast charging tech could refill li-ion battery in a minute

    If you're planning on investing in a DC fast charger to get your electric vehicle battery 80 percent juiced up in 30 minutes, you might want to stick with your Level 2 charger for a while longer. Korean scientists at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) have developed a ...

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    Official: Flexible batteries may be tiny now, but end effect could be big

    Thus far, KAIST, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, has mostly been in these pages for its work with in-road charging technology (see here and here). The latest out of KAIST is just as future-minded as roads full of charging devices: flexible batteries. They won't be ...

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    Official: Honda launches Jazz (Fit) Hybrid in Thailand

    Honda announced the official debut of its Jazz Hybrid in Thailand, marking the Japanese automaker's continued efforts to broaden its hybrid-vehicle production outside of Japan. The hybrid version of the Jazz, known as the Fit in the U.S., is gaining popularity in Asian markets outside of Japan, ...

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    Official: Electric Odyssey Citroen C-Zero happily cruising through Asia

    It's the little EV that could. The car in question here is an all-electric Citroen C-Zero (a rebadged Mitsubishi i-MiEV) that two French engineers, Xavier Degon and Antonin Guy, are driving around the world, making it to China earlier this month. When we looked in on the Electric Odyssey in ...


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