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Austin Alt Car Expo

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    Austin Alt Car: panel looks at the future of plug-in hybrids

    The last in our series of reports from the discussion panels from last week's Austin Alt Car expo focuses on the panel that had the broadest possible appeal: an overview of plug-in hybrids. Taking place on the Saturday, and therefore more accessible to the working public, the free-form panel ...

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    Austin Alt Car: Future Prospects for Plug-in Hybrids

    As I said earlier, the panels at the Austin Alt Car expo were heavily focused on plug-in vehicles. The last discussion on Friday continued the trend and was called "Future Prospects for Plug-in Hybrids" and the participants acknowledged that their presentations were treading over some of the same ...

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    Austin Alt Car: Will Consumers Buy In? Duh.

    If you want to get an answer to the question of whether or not consumers will flock to plug-in vehicles, Southern California Edison's Ed Kjaer and Better Place's Sven Thesen would be great people to get to put up some answers. That's exactly what happened at the Austin Alt Car expo last weekend, ...

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    Austin Alt Car: PHEV opportunities and challenges for utilities

    When was the last time you talked to your electric power company? I mean, really sat down and had a good chat about when they should send you power and when they shouldn't? Have you told them when you'd like to have the air conditioner shut off and let the home warm up because no one will be home? ...

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    Austin Alt Car: obscene amount of information on the smart grid and plug-in vehicles

    Gridpoint's Steve Hauser
    The overwhelming theme of the discussion panels at the Austin Alt Car expo last weekend was plug-in vehicles. From questions of infrastructure to the vehicles themselves to the grid load, the weekend served as a crash course in the state of the PHEV industry. Throughout ...

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    Austin Alt Car: face-to-face with a biofuel Hummer

    click for more shots of the biodiesel H1
    digg_url = ''; The H1 in the center of the Austin Alt Car expo show floor was decked out in a Health Yes! paint job but it was the handmade sign that caught the eye. "Powered by Vegetable ...

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    Austin Alt Car: Bad Boy Buggies electric ATVs promise "they'll never hear you coming"

    Rhett Akins. Aaron Tippin. Ted Nugent. These are the usual suspects when you think about electric vehicles, right? Naturally. Well, when it comes to electron-powered all-terrain vehicles, they are just some of the celebrity ETV drivers. Bad Boy Buggies has been selling ETVs (that's electric terrain ...

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    Austin Alt Car: Lighthouse Solar roof, carport an enviously good deal

    When I head just how (comparatively) cheaply you can get solar panels installed in Austin, Texas, I was pretty jealous. The real short version is that a $20,000+, 3 kWh system can be yours for around $6,000 thanks to local and federal tax breaks. And considering the amount of sunshine that Austin ...

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    Austin Alt Car: Propane participates proudly

    One of the more organized presences at the first Austin Alt Car expo this past weekend was from the Texas propane community. From propane-powered lawnmowers to a giant propane-powered school bus, you couldn't miss the vehicles. Three pro-propane groups - the Texas Propane Educational & ...

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    Austin Alt Car: Z Wheelz shows off Porsche EV and ZW2

    click to enlarge
    The two vehicles that Gary Krysztopik and Z Wheelz brought to Alt Cat Austin this weekend could not be more different. One the one hand, we have the ZW2 (above), a hot rod like trike with all sorts of chrome. The three-wheeled bike is Krysztopik's prototype kit car - one in a ...

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    Austin Alt Car: Out of this world electric two-wheeled vehicles

    Here in Austin, Texas, one of the big sellers of electric-powered two-wheeled vehicles is Alien Scooters. On the floor of the Austin Alt Car Expo, the shop has a large display area full of two-wheeled EVs. Oh, and inflatable aliens. We've covered a lot of these vehicles in the past (I smiled when I ...

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    Austin Alt Car: Congressman Lloyd Doggett talks PHEV tax credits and GM's influence

    U.S. Congressman Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) was present at the Alt Car Expo in Austin, Texas yesterday. This is quite the reasonable place for him to be, not just because he's the Representative from this area but because he's been a long-time promoter of more government support for plug-in ...

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    Austin Alt Car: Austin Energy ends Plug-in Partners, unveils new smart charging software

    L to R: Duncan, Kaplan, Doggett.
    The one press announcement at this weekend's Alt Car Expo in Austin, Texas had to do with the efforts of the local utility, Austin Energy. Austin Energy is hosting this Expo, and used it to mark the end of the Plug-in Partners campaign. Wait, using an alt car show ...

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    Austin Alt Car: TriTrack concept wins the outlandish-as-all-get-out prize

    click to enlarge
    "I'm the greenest guy here." That's the claim of Jerry Roane, of Roane Inventions Incorporated, who did note that the pure solar vehicles in the corner were potential competitors. "Here" is the first ever Austin Alt Car Expo, which started today in Austin Texas. We can debate ...


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