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    Motorsports: Refuel 2014: Rattlesnake Electric Sport aim carbon fiber arrow at overall electric record

    "I think we could do something, although I tend to show not tell." That was the demure response Rattlesnake Electric Sport principal Richard Hilleman sent us after we inquired as to whether he wanted to discuss his latest kart and his desire to set the overall electric lap record at Mazda ...

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    Exclusive: Q&A with 'Ingenious' author Jason Fagone on the legacy of X Prize [w/video]
    New book recounts MPG competition in fascinating detail 1386714600

    In 2007, more than 200 teams set out on an ambitious automotive undertaking. The X Prize Foundation announced it would create a $10-million competition open to anyone who could build a safe, mass-producible car that achieved 100 miles per gallon equivalent. AutoblogGreen followed the competition ...

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    Exclusive: VP Don Butler says Cadillac prefers electric assist over full EVs

    One other interesting and timely interview I was offered at this year's Detroit North American International Auto Show was with Don Butler, Cadillac's enthusiastic marketing VP. Why so timely? Because it was right after Cadillac unveiled the production version of its soon-to-come (early 2014) ELR ...

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    Exclusive: In deep with Henrik Fisker: Despite floods and fires, "I think we're beating the odds"

    Let's be clear: Fisker Automotive had a pretty bad 2012. Let's be clear: Fisker Automotive had a pretty bad 2012. A flood, fires and recalls continued to dog the start-up automaker. Then, one of the men trying to become President of the United States called the company a loser in a very ...

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    In deep with Better Place: how to profit while swapping batteries selling miles

    Renault Fluence Z.E. – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Some of the people who work for Better Place see their job as something bigger than themselves. Take, for example, Jason Wolf, North American vice president, John Proctor, communications and Michael Granoff, head of oil ...

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    AutoblogGreen Q&A with Transonic Combustion: Can supercritical fluids give a 30% mpg boost?

    Given that the traditional four-stroke Otto-cycle engine piston engine only has a thermal efficiency of 25-30 percent, there is clearly still plenty of room for improvement. While most of the green automobile attention in recent years has been focused on electrification, liquid fuels still have ...

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    Better Place answers questions about home charging, Obama's interest

    Over the weekend, we heard a story that the Obama Administration "may be adopting" the Better Place model of powering electric cars. We wanted to know more about what this means, exactly, and got the following from Better Place PR:Better Place has shared their model with a number of government and ...

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    Miles EV CEO talks about highway speed electric sedan, company's future

    A little while back, we got our first official peek of the Miles EV highway speed sedan. That picture can now be fleshed out a bit with details on how Miles EV is planning to bring this Chinese-built all-electric car to the US market. Miles EV CEO Kevin Czinger sat down with AutoblogGreen and ...

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    ABG chats with SmartUSA president David Schembri about EVs, diesel, micro-hybrids and more

    One of the newest cars to drop into the US market is the Smart ForTwo. A decade after its European debut, the two-seat city car finally arrived stateside after several abortive attempts by both its parent company Daimler and independent distributors. This time around Daimler worked with a US ...

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    Auto Alliance president talks about the other president and changes in Washington

    Following the big change that swept through American politics on Nov. 4, there has been a lot of celebration in a lot of places. Over at the Auto Allliance, the association made up of BMW Group, Chrysler LLC, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz USA, ...

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    AltCar 2008: Details on the MIIN-AER compressed air Porsche Boxster

    As I wrote on Thursday, one of the more interesting vehicles here at the Alt Car Expo is a one-off home conversion of a 1999 Porsche Boxster called the MIIN-AER car. We wanted to get some more information about this thing, so we talked to Glenn Bell, CEO of Air Fuel Auto. Bell talked about why he's ...

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    AutoblogGreen on the Radio

    Listen in to a fascinating conversation that took place yesterday on green car politics, featured on the radio show, "Your Call." (KALW, 91.7 FM, San Francisco, CA). The show gave me a chance to discuss some of my research on "The Clean Car Movement," and also featured Meghan Sinott (Organizer for ...

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    AutoblogGreen Q&A: Tesla Motors Chairman Elon Musk Pt. 3 - Lessons and WhiteStar hints

    In the first two parts of our discussion, Tesla Motors Chairman Elon Musk described how he came to be a part of Tesla Motors and how he influenced the development of the Roadster. It's important to note that he never described himself as the designer or creator of the Roadster. Rather he considers ...

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    AutoblogGreen Q&A: Tesla Motors Chairman Elon Musk Pt. 1 - In the beginning

    Among the readers of this site, one of the cars that elicits a lot of passion is the Tesla Roadster. The battery-powered Roadster and its provenance have elicited a great deal of discussion over the past nine months, in particular since the demotion and ultimately the departure of co-founder Martin ...

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    All of Madrid's official vehicles will use clean fuels by 2011

    Madrid, Spain, is currently a very polluted city where 1.8 million vehicles are responsible for 75 percent of the pollutants in the air. Madrid's City Hall has decided that it will switch all its vehicles over to "clean" fuels, that is, they will be all running on electricity, natural gas, ...

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    AVFI 2008: Sitting down for a moment with GM's Larry Burns

    When Larry Burns, GM's vice president of R&D and planning, spoke at the opening session of the AFVI expo yesterday morning, he stayed on target to bring GM's message to the conference. Before he stepped onto the stage, we had a chance to sit down with him and ask a few questionOne thing I ...

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    Earth Day: Top five upcoming green events

    As we cover the automotive industry, we run across numerous events which lean, in one way or another, towards our green preferences. Some of these could be very influential on the industry while others are really more for fun. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of our top five favorite ...

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    Top 20 most exciting green cars we wish we could buy today

    When we were brainstorming ideas for Earth Day posts, we thought about featuring the ten most exciting green cars we wish we could buy today. It turns out that there are at least twice as many green rides on the horizon that we'd really like to have today, so the list has expanded. We'd like to ...

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    New York 2008: Jory Squibb returns with an X-Prize entry

    click to enter galleryWe met Jory Squibb way back in late 2006 over at the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo. How can you miss a guy driving a tiny, 100+mpg bubble car called the Moonbeam? Jory, from Maine, is now back on the ABG radar with his presence at the New York Auto Show. He didn't have a car with ...

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    New York 2008: Motive Industries' muscular X Prize entry vehicle needs a name

    Of the 60+ teams that have signed a letter of intent to participate in the Progressive Automotive X Prize, about 15 were on hand at the New York Auto Show. With only four cars on stage, it's easy to calculate that some teams arrived sans vehicle. The group from Motive Industries had just a little ...


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