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Barcelona International Motor Show

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    The weirdest solar-powered motorbike ever is coming from Sun Red

    digg_url = ''; Is it a snail? Is it a two-wheeled version of the Sidney Opera house? Nope... It's a solar-powered motorbike designed by SunRed, a Spanish automotive development company, that got a ...

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    Driving around Europe with Natural Gas: VW Touran, Fiat Panda and more

    Compressed Natural Gas, CNG, is currently widely used in some cities (such as Paris or Barcelona) to power public buses. Natural gas burns very clean and, although it still pollutes with CO2, it avoids the most of the rest of nasty by-products that come out of the tailpipe.ERDGAS, the biggest ...

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    Barcelona Motor Show: A hybrid can be also a sexy convertible

    We have spoken here already about the more than possible first Peugeot hybrid car, and it seems that it's a very plausible possibility, at least for Europeans, to enjoy that powertrain in the upcoming 308.During the Barcelona International show, we had the pleasure to see (ok, I admit it, to drool ...

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    AutoblogGreen's mini test drive of the Riva EV

    The Reva electric car isn't new at all. It's already been on sale since 2001 in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, the UK, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Austria and the USA. During the Barcelona International Motor Show, AutoblogGreen had the chance to do a (brief) test drive of the model with ...

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    The Barcelona International Motor Show starts

    The 34th International Motor Show in Barcelona starts ttoday with the unveiling of five new models. The Seat Altea Freetrack which unveils the latest TDI engine good for 170 HP and 36 mpg used in other VW brands. The new Kia Picanto with 40-plus mpg in 1.0 and 1.3 gasoline, and 1.1 ...


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