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    Report: BYD e6 EV will be sold in the US only to fleet buyers

    It looks like those long curious to ride in a BYD battery-electric car in the US will only be able to do so from the back of a cab. The China-based company, which has for years been trumpeting a potential entry into the US light-vehicle market with the all-electric e6 sedan, will only sell the EV ...

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    Report: BYD may go all-green with vehicle production, eliminating gas-only powertrains

    It's not quite Elon Musk's vision of a purely electric-vehicle company, but BYD may move away from purely gas-powered cars in an attempt to reverse lagging sales. Yes, you read that right. The China-based automaker could stop making gas-powered cars within two years and may go solely with ...

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    Report: China will re-start plug-in vehicle subsidies, says BYD chair

    China, which ended its three-year electric-vehicle subsidy program in December, will resume it as soon as April, Reuters reports, citing BYD chairman Wang Chuanfu. The head of the China-based automaker, whose biggest shareholder is Warren Buffet, didn't disclose details about the subsidy ...

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    Report: Proterra slams Long Beach for giving electric bus contract to China's BYD

    While the city of Long Beach, CA, could pit BYD and Proterra electric buses against each other in a race along the city's famed Long Beach Grand Prix route to determine the winner of the municipality's new bus contract, we know that's not going to happen. Instead, the city is debating its ...

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    Report: BYD hopes to quadruple light-duty plug-in vehicle sales this year

    Brooklyn Dodger fans were long known for their mantra, "Wait 'til next year." BYD appears to be following suit. The Chinese automaker says it will more than quadruple light-duty plug-in vehicle sales next year, as demand will be fueled by a combination of government incentives and rising gas ...

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    Review: BYD adding to Shenzen's city fleet with 500 e6 electric police cars

    Chinese electric carmaker BYD has won a contract to supply 500 E6 pure electric police cars to the city of Shenzen, China. For BYD, the deal signifies that the "promotion of BYD new energy vehicles has reached a new height." The BYD e6 can reach a maximum speed of 140 kilometers per hour (about ...

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    Report: Hong Kong may get more electric taxis from Nissan, BYD

    Nissan, BYD and Toyota are among companies that may soon be supplying plug-in vehicles to Hong Kong's taxi fleet, the publication Energy and Capital reports. With cabs accounting for more than 18,000 of Hong Kong's approximately 550,000 vehicles, adding plug-in vehicles to the city's fleet could ...

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    Official: BYD will supply 46 EVs to Bogota taxi fleet

    Chinese automaker BYD will soon be running a fleet of 49 electric vehicles as emissions-free taxis in the capital of Colombia. BYD will supply 46 of its e6 EVs to Bogota for what will be the first all-electric taxi fleet in South America. Three more e6 EVs will be provided for Colceincias, ...

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    Official: BYD offers "free" emission-free driving to taxi, bus operators in China

    Faced with a history of slow plug-in vehicle sales in China, BYD has a new plan to move electric metal: free emission-free cars. Sort of. Called "Zero vehicle purchase price, Zero costs, Zero emissions," BYD's new plan involves the company's all-electric e6 and its electric bus in China. Instead ...

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    Official: BYD will bring 50 electric e6 to London taxi company greentomatocars

    Chinese automaker BYD has reached an agreement to provide London with its first fleet of all-electric cabs. BYD and Greentomatocars signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in which BYD would supply 50 all-electric e6 vehicles for the company's fleet. Greentomatocars, which operates about 300 ...

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    Official: BYD buses win MPGe tests in Colombia

    The energy efficiency of electric buses from BYD didn't get lost in translation, apparently. The Chinese company entered its all-electric buses in a fuel-efficiency testing program put on in Colombia by the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) and InterAmerican Development Bank (IABD), and the buses ...

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    Official: BYD sells its first electric cars, three E6 EVs, in Thailand

    Hey, it's a start. BYD, the China-based vehicle maker that's repeatedly delayed the debut of its battery-electric vehicles for the U.S. market, has sold three of its EVs to the Thai utility company that supplies power to Bangkok as part of an effort to promote EV vehicle use in the country. ...

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    Report: Batteries not to blame in all-electric BYD e6 fire

    Here's some good news for fans of the BYD e6 and, quite possibly, electric vehicles in general. A couple months ago, BYD saw its stock take a big hit amidst speculation about the safety of its batteries when an e6 taxi caught fire in a fatal crash after getting rear-ended by a Nissan GT-R being ...

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    Official: BYD sells six electric buses to Netherlands' island

    Don't worry, there won't be a spelling test for this one. China-based vehicle maker BYD won a contract to sell six of its electric buses to the 10-mile-long island that's home to the Netherlands' first national park. BYD says that park, Schiermonnikoog (spell-check won't catch that), is ...

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    Report: BYD: all-electric e6 taxi fire could have happened to anybody

    It's not exactly unusual for a car to catch on fire after getting rear-ended at more than 100 miles an hour. That's the argument that BYD is making on the issue of the most recent setback – that an all-electric BYD e6 taxi in Shenzhen exploded, killing the driver and two passengers, after ...

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    Official: BYD will supply up to 10 all-electric buses to Windsor, Ontario

    Some Americans may derisively refer to Canada as the 51st state, but when it comes to BYD's all-electric buses, them Maple Leafs have left us behind. The City of Windsor, Ontario, which is right across the river from Detroit, will be the first North American municipality to have a fleet of ...

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    Beijing: BYD brings Denza EV, Qin plug-in hybrid to Beijing

    BYD is making multiple splashes at the Beijing, both with its own line-up of vehicles and its new Denza electric vehicle partnership with Daimler. This is the first time we have seen the Denza vehicle, and it's got some interesting touches. The cabin is easy-access thanks to rear suicide doors ...

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    Beijing: BYD's Beijing Motor Show line-up includes Chin Dual Mode, remote-controlled F3

    Looks like we got the name wrong, or at least the English version. Instead of Qin, as we noted yesterday, the new plug-in vehicle that BYD is going to unveil at the Beijing Motor Show next week will be called Chin. That's it in the picture above. BYD says the Chin will "Lead the EV way" with the ...

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    Report: BYD's Qin sedan will replace poor-selling F3DM

    Looks like DM might stand for "done model." BYD is unveiling a new plug-in hybrid-electric model at this month's Beijing Motor Show that will replace the Chinese automaker's F3DM (pictured), which sold just 80 units since debuting in 2009, Technologic Vehicles reports. BYD says the new model, ...

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    Report: BYD e6 available to U.S. consumers in 2010 2011 2012 2013; Hertz gets it first

    The BYD E6 is a football. No, not a political one like the Chevy Volt. Rather, it is the pigskin that the cartoon character Lucy would hold in place, but then snatch away when Charlie Brown's ever-hopeful foot was in mid-swing. BYD has, yet again, placed an example of its all-electric e6 ...


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