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    Manhattan EcoFest 2007 will feature Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell and Saturn Aura hybrid

    At the EcoFest 2007 in Manhattan later this month, GM will be displaying the Chevy Equinox fuel cell CUV that will be used for Project Driveway. Project Driveway will start in January when a fleet of over 100 of the Equinoxes will be loaned to drivers in the New York City, Washington DC and ...

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    Ecofest Report: Overview

    Editor's note: to read all of Derrick's coverage of Ecofest, click here.Overall, the 18th annual Ecofest didn't blow me away, but there were certainly some cars I was glad to see up close and some people I was happy to chat with about the state of alternative-fuel vehicles and the projects they're ...

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    Ecofest Report: Bicy-taxi

    Editor's Note: To see all of Derrick's Ecofest reports, click here.Bicy-taxis should be a familiar sight to Manhattanites by now. It's a short-range alternative to the traditional taxi cab powered primarily by a human through bicycle-like pedals assisted by an electric motor during start-up and ...

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    Ecofest Report: Vehicle Design Summit at MIT

    The Vehicle Design Summit (VDS) at MIT is a summer project involving the collaboration of about 50 students from 21 universities and 13 countries. Their goal is to design and build 5 high-mileage vehicles which include a plugin-electric, a fuel cell car, another running off ethanol and a Honda ...

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    Ecofest Report: University of Toronto Blue Sky Solar Racing

    The University of Toronto's Blue Sky Solar Racing program began in 1997. Now with over 100 student members, they're in the process of developing their third solar race car which should be ready for the 2007 World Solar Challenge. For Ecofest 2006, they brought their 2nd generation vehicle which is ...

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    Ecofest Report: Renewable energy seminar

    Thanks to the mobile Internet, I'm writing you from the 2006 New York Ecofest. Billed as "the largest environmental event on the East Coast," there's a wide range of exhibitors featuring lifestyles and products focused on the conservation of natural resources and alternative energy technologies.My ...


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