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    Suzuki will begin testing 61 mpg-Swift plug-in hybrid in Japan this fall

    Suzuki Swift PHEV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We were first introduced to the Suzuki Swift plug-in hybrid (PHEV) at the Tokyo Motor Show last year. There was little to go on at the time and virtually no information about the likelihood of production. Now there's an indication ...

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    Chevy Volt gets 230 mpg, but how?

    Neither General Motors nor the EPA are making declarative statements about how, exactly, the 2011 Chevy Volt will achieve it's much-touted 230 mpg rating that was announced today. GM's most clear statement (available in full after the break) says that some consumers "may be able to be in pure ...

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    Chery plans to launch 5 eco-friendly cars by 2010?

    Chery Riich M1 EV - Click above for a high-res gallery
    Chinese automaker Chery is on quite a roll these days. Last week at the Shanghai Motor Show, Chery showed off a couple of electric vehicle concepts: the Riich M1 EV and Tiggo 3 EV, both powered by advanced lithium phosphate batteries. Joining ...

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    Skybus offers 10 seats for $10 on every flight but ...

    Took a flight this holiday season? How much did you spend? Can you believe you can spend $10 for a flight? You can, with Skybus, a new airline that began flights in May, sells at least 10 tickets on every flight for just $10. The catch is you have to book early, checked bags will cost extra and ...

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    Cracking the physics of traffic jams

    If you sit in a some gridlock this holiday season, you might come to the end of the line of cars and realize, hey, there's nothing there. No accident, no police on the shoulder, just a bunch of cars that aren't getting where they want to go. Over at the Universities of Exeter (in England), Bristol ...

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    A Christmas with pricier beer? Blame ethanol

    Is the ethanol lobby prepared to be the grinch of Christmas present? According to a recent article in The Economist, growing more profitable corn (for the ethanol market ) turned many Pacific Northwest farmers away from hops and barley and onto corn. Therefore, small beer brewers are having a hard ...

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    Can't wait for a Tesla? You can still get some electric cars this holiday season

    We all know that electric cars are nothing new. I was driving electric cars three decades ago. I even had a whole fleet of them. Of course, they were each only a few inches long and could only run as long as the electricity supply stayed connected. They were, of course, slot cars. Scale model cars ...

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    Ho, Ho, Huh? High gas prices putting a damper on car sales but not holiday spirit

    In one of the least surprising announcements of the season (coming in not too far behind "It's cold" in most of America), the folks over at Kelley Blue Book Marketing Research are saying that high gas prices are causing many new car shoppers to spend less. The reason, "shoppers spend less on self ...

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    ABG Top 10: Greenest toy cars for the holidays

    digg_url = ''; It's almost Christmas, so I compiled a list of the top 10 green toy cars for you. Any toy on this top 10 list would be a great gift for that green, gear-head kid (or kid at heart) on your Christmas/holiday ...

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    Grinch-y! Biofuels increase the price of Christmas trees

    Christmas tree sticker shock in Germany is due in part to biofuels demand, according to HDH, the German timber industry group. Christmas tree land that was lost in order to grow crops for biofuels is a reason given by HDH along with more single person house holds and, of course, demand from China. ...

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    Santa changes his reindeers for a BMW 1-Series coupe

    Christmas is coming and Christmas-based sales campaigns are here. While some might argue (and I agree) that reindeers are, by far, a greener mode of transportation than cars, BMW has decided to use a 1-Series coupé to power Santa's Saint Nikolaus's sled, which is, at least, better than an ...

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    Video: Santa caught driving an SUV

    A father and his kids caught Santa Claus on video driving an SUV and they uploaded the video to YouTube. Why is Santa driving an SUV? He is giving his reindeer a rest, of course, which one child repeats in a very funny way. Some of the commentators on YouTube have noticed that the vehicle is not an ...

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    Lithium-ion Mini Cooper on cover of Sam's Club Christmas catalog

    Hybrid Technologies all-lithium Mini Cooper is on the cover and on sale through a Sam's Club magazine called Source Guide. The price for the 2008 Model is $65,000 and it's ready for immediate delivery. Recently, we told you about a promotion Sam's Club did with Hybrid Technologies where they sold a ...

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    The Ultimate Driving Under the Influence Machine - a 14-mph Electric Cooler!

    If you want to be kind to the environment at your next social, look no further than Hammacher Schlemmer's 14 mph ridable cooler. Able to carry 24 12 oz. cans of cheap beer soda pop and 8 lbs. of ice, plus as much as 300 lbs. of you for a maximum range of 15 miles, perfect for a couple round trips ...

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    Thanksgiving thoughts: biodiesel from a deep-fried turkey

    In the last few years, there have been a lot of people who have changed the cooking device for the holiday bird from the oven to a big deep fryer. As our DIY readers probably know, all of this frying oil can create a great opportunity to later make biodiesel. Since it takes around 3-5 gallons of ...

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    Big jump in the cost of Thanksgiving travel, ethanol trade group claims to help

    Here in the US, this is Thanksgiving week and it's usually one of the biggest travel weekends of the year as people hit the road to visit family. With gas prices on the rise again, it's expected that travel will cost Americans an extra $520 million this weekend compared to last year. But guess ...

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    White House Thanksgiving turkeys delivered by Flex Fuel Ford running on E85

    digg_url = ''; The traditional pardoned White House turkeys were delivered by a Flex Fuel Ford F-150 running on E85. The turkeys were named "May" and "Flower" and not "the names the Vice President suggested, which was ...

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    Cheap E85 for Thanksgiving in South Dakota

    If you're driving to see relatives near Baltic, South Dakota (because, honestly, there isn't too much else to see or do there), you'll be able to fill up your tank with cheap E85 just before Thanksgiving. Midway Service Station at 525402 475th Avenue in Baltic is offering E85 at $1.85 a gallon from ...


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