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    Recharge Wrap-up: Minnesota first to require biodiesel, maglev in Israel, Toyota FCV in Aspen
    Isuzu Looking Into Biofuel In Japan 1403812680

    A new Minnesota law that requires biodiesel blends goes into effect in just a few days, says KELO. Diesel drivers in Minnesota will be pumping soybeans into their tank beginning July 1. Every year, diesel will be sold as a B10 blend (ten percent biofuel) from April through August, and will scale ...

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    UPS testing 5 fuel-saving, composite-bodied prototype delivery vehicles

    UPS has announced that it's testing five CV-23 prototype vehicles from Utilimaster/Isuzu. The goal of the trial is to see if the CV-23s can survive the rigors of hauling packages in extreme conditions while reducing fuel consumption by 40 percent when compared to UPS' standard P70 delivery ...

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    SIM-LEI electric prototype manages 207 miles (!) on Japan's JCO8 test cycle

    Sim-Drive has unveiled its Advance Development Model No. 1. Nicknamed "SIM-LEI," (LEI being an acronym for leading efficiency in-wheel motor) the electric prototype has exceeded the target of at least 300 kilometers (186 miles) of range on a single charge. How far can it go? 333 km (207 miles), ...

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    REPORT: Isuzu proposes new HD diesel engine for GM?

    We're not entirely sure what to make of reports regarding Isuzu's tie-up with General Motors for diesel engines that seem to conflict with one another, but here we go anyway. According to Bloomberg, Isuzu is considering whether it should end its joint venture with The General for the production ...

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    REPORT: Toyota cancels European diesel project with Isuzu

    After General Motors severed its ownership ties with Isuzu two years ago, the struggling Japanese automaker hooked up with Toyota. While Isuzu has never really made much of an impact in the car market, they have been successful in commercial vehicles, particularly with diesel engines. Toyota ...

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    Diesel-powered Isuzu D-Max caught testing in US

    As much as we'd like to tell you that General Motors is considering adding a small diesel engine to its GMT 355 platform, we're not going to. While we do have visual evidence that an Isuzu D-Max, which is built atop the same underpinnings as the GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado pickup trucks, has been ...

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    Toyota and Isuzu stall European diesel engine venture

    Diesel engines are super popular over in Europe and every auto manufacturer that truly wants to play ball there needs to offer world-class oil-burners. Despite this undeniable fact, Toyota has requested a temporary suspension on its joint venture with Isuzu to create small diesels for the EU ...

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    FedEx puts 2 million miles on hybrid trucks, adds 75 more

    Click on the image to view in high-resAccording to FedEx, its hybrid delivery vehicles have saved approximately 83,000 gallons of fuel and eliminated 950 tons of greenhouse gas emissions while racking up an impressive 2 million miles overall. Because of this success, the global delivery giant will ...

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    Corporate Express will test Isuzu hybrid truck for delivery

    Corporate Express has announced that it will be one of the first U.S. companies to test an Isuzu hybrid delivery truck for its operations. The model will be a current Isuzu truck in which Enova Systems will retrofit their HybridPower drive system. The truck is expected to be completed in April 2008 ...

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    Isuzu and Toyota expand their relationship

    Last week, we told you that Isuzu and Toyota had announced that they were collaborating on a new small diesel engine. This week, they say that they are expanding that collaboration to also include new clean diesel exhaust technology. This agreement is between Hino Motors, Toyota's truck division, ...

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    Toyota and Isuzu to collaborate on small diesel engines

    Isuzu may not be particularly successful as a purveyor of cars - particularly in the US market - but they have done much better in the medium duty truck market and as a designer and producer of diesel engines. Their joint venture with General Motors to produce diesels under the Duramax brand for ...

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    GM builds their 1 Millionth DuraMax diesel V-8

    Since it's introduction for the 2001 model year the GM Duramax 6.6L diesel V-8 has been one of the most highly regarded truck diesels on the market. The engines were jointly developed with Isuzu Motors and built in a joint-venture plant in Dayton, Ohio. The DMAX plant has just produced the one ...

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    Toyota to sell diesel hybrid in 2010

    After hooking up with Isuzu a couple of weeks ago, Toyota is now going to start taking advantage of Isuzu's diesel expertise. For the first time Toyota is going to combine their Synergy hybrid drive system with diesel engines. A diesel hybrid system has the potential to provide the best of both ...

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    Isuzu sticks with GM for DuraMax diesel engine joint-venture

    One of the technical highlights of the last generation GMT-800 full-size trucks from GM was the Duramax turbo-diesel V-8. This strong, efficient, refined engine was miles ahead of the Navistar engine in the Ford trucks and the Cummins engine that Dodge uses. The Duramax diesels are built by a ...

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    Toyota to take a stake in Isuzu for engine and emissions collaboration

    Today, Toyota and Isuzu announced a collaboration which will be made possible by the former purchasing a 5.9 percent stake (100 million shares) in the latter. The two companies said in a public statement that the deal will allow them to work together in the research and development in three areas ...

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    California winery uses nothing but alternative-energy vehicles

    The Kathryn Kennedy Winery in Saratoga, California is a good example of how a green mindset can affect an entire business. I've never tasted the company's wine, but the sustainability information on their website makes me interested to see how the eco-conscious farmers there operate. The farm uses ...

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    Isuzu's new diesel engine website

    Diesel vehicle are receiving a lot of renewed interest in the U.S., and Isuzu's new diesel engine website is one more example of that. The site was launched to keep customers abreast of the new 2007 diesel emissions standards and, obviously, to promote Isuzu's diesel lineup. The site explains the ...


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