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    Maserati to follow Ferrari down path of hybrid sportscars?

    What's the world coming to when two of Italy's most storied supercar manufacturers – we're talking Ferrari and Lamborghini here, in case you couldn't tell – are planning to launch hybrid automobiles? Well, actually that'd be three of Italy's most storied automakers, now that rumors of ...

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    REPORT: Chrysler to bring electric Fiat 500, hatchback concept to Detroit

    Fiat 500C – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Just because Chrysler won't be holding a press conference at next month's Detroit Auto Show doesn't mean that America's third-largest automaker is coming to the party empty-handed. Far from it, in fact, assuming there's truth to the rumors ...

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    Ferrari, Alpina lead supercar race to not-quite-as-high CO2 levels

    Ferrari F430 Spider Bio-Fuel – Click above for high-res image gallery
    CO2 emission numbers for cars from companies like Ferrari and Aston Martin are, to a Prius or clean diesel fan, pretty much a joke. Bentleys, for example, average over 400 grams of CO2 per kilometer. There are even some ...

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    Maserati goes green with a carbon-fiber two wheeler

    Maserati hasn't expressed much interest in improving the fuel economy of its road cars, although that will undoubtedly come in the next few years. In the meantime, those with a hankering for a Maserati-badged vehicle but without the budget for one have a new option. Italian bicycle manufacturer ...

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    Huge fine for Mercedes-Benz for poor fuel efficiency

    Every year, automakers that fail to meet the federally-mandated CAFE fuel efficiency standards receive fines in proportion to their gas-guzzling crimes. Last year, DaimlerChrysler set a record with a fine of $30,357,635.50, and that figure is proving tough to beat. Still, Mercedes-Benz, which made ...

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    Mercedes may sue to stop Euro sales of Chinese Smart clone

    Last fall a battery-powered clone of the first generation Smart ForTwo turned up in China before it was quickly stomped down. Another one is now expected to be displayed at next month's Frankfurt Motor Show and China Automobile Deutschland wants to begin European imports. The Shuanghuan Noble is a ...


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